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Special projects for which we need to raise funds throughout the year.  These are not included in our operating budget.

We host a week long day camp with our kids, their friends and local children and youth.  It is a great time where we explore the Great News of Jesus

Camp total $5,000.  This includes a Bible study book, a t-shirt and a daily meal. 

Summer Camp

School Fees

Education in our area of Haiti is not free.  It is a privilege not a right.  We have to pay for tuition, uniforms, books and obligatory activities.

 Per student yearly: $300.  We send at least 50 students each year.


We are in dire need of a new vehicle.  Our boys try their best to keep the current one going, but it is a losing battle.  A vehicle is so important; for emergencies, obtaining supplies, transporting...the list is endless.

Used Vehicle:  $10,000.

We try to raise these funds by visiting and speaking to churches and other groups.  If you would be interested in having us speak to a group, please contact us.  It would be greatly appreciated.

Fund raisers are another way schools, churches, Sunday School classes, VBS and other groups raise funds for us.  We have had young people raise fund for us in many different ways from selling hot chocolate at their school to running in an IronMan competition!

We understand and appreciate everyone has limited resources, but every penny helps us reach our greatest needs.

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